Why Change Security Companies

MP Newsletter September 2011

This has been one of the most popular questions recently. Several months ago a committee was formed to look at the security of the Community and how it measured against other communities in the area. Several glaring differences were noticed, most of all the technology was 12 years old. Law Enforcement suggested many of these changes. We took steps to bring the entry system up to a new standard with the barcodes. No they are not a beautiful status symbol, and are not intended to be, however; they do update our security significantly over the past system. Some have asked about photocopies or pictures of the barcodes opening the gate for friends or kids around. Simply put ~ photocopies, pictures, scans, etc. do not work and do not open the gate. The sticker is printed on a slightly reflective surface, and the lines are so precise that the variation in just a photocopy will not allow entry. The aspect ratio on a camera would have to be so precise that someone would need calibration equipment to print the same code.

We added cameras on the incoming and outgoing lanes of traffic. Plus an additional camera records audio and video of the interactions at the visitor entrance of the guardhouse to Magnolia Pointe.

This process highlighted some concerns in terms of the guards. The committee met with ICU Security and presented our concerns. Some changes to the operation were made, but they did not fully grasp the serious updates we were asking for. Three other companies, plus ICU Security, were asked for bids. We took the information from the top competitor and showed it to ICU. They were unable to meet the same level of expectation that was being set by Ramco, our new Security firm. After several more instances, the Board was left with no other option but to move forward with getting a new company for Magnolia Pointe.

This was not an easy decision to make, and we all appreciated the time that ICU had put in here, but it was clear that they were unable to supply us with the level of service expected moving forward.

The transition has had a few bumps in the road, and the Board accepts responsibility for those.

If you have not had the chance yet to set up your account, visit the guardhouse for your password, then login at:
Community Code: MAG
And your password

From there you can add people to your permanent, or temporary list, even an event list (like a birthday party). Set up notifications for anytime you have a visitor. View your gate history, and notify the guard when you’ll be on vacation. You will still receive a call from the guard if an unexpected visitor arrives for you. Coming Soon – the visitor pass will be printed and include directions to your home. Using updated technology we are able to provide our resident’s an added layer of security.

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