The BMW is in the shop, how do I get home?

February 2011 Newsletter Printable PDF

Well depends…. Is the BMW going away for good? If so you will need a new barcode for the new vehicle. If you already received two barcodes then there will be a $5 charge for any other barcodes issued. If the BMW is coming back then use this time to meet the guards. They will know your situation and cause as little delay as possible going through the visitor entrance till your real ride is ready. If more clarification is needed please contact our Community Manager at

Thank you for your patience and understanding that the reissuing of barcodes may take a few days to process, but every effort will be made to make them available quickly. Also if you sell a car, please either remove the barcode (this will distort it and make it unusable) or notify Wilma of the sequence of numbers so it can be removed from the system. A new one will be issued to the new vehicle.

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