I Wonder If I Can Paint My House Orange?

Many of us chose to move into Magnolia Pointe because it was the kind of community that felt safe, was esthetically pleasing, and would hold home value over the long haul. Much of the reason our community is attractive to residents and buyers is because the majority of our homeowners take pride in their properties and follow the covenants set forth. We all pay dues to live here and it is only fair that all residents understand and adhere to our covenants in order to continue to maintain a quality community for current and future owners.

As a Board we will do our best to uphold the integrity of the covenants and hold owners accountable to consistently meet the requirements. This will maintain or improve the quality of our community.

Please review your covenants and ensure that your property and behaviors are in line with the community requirements. If you would like a copy of the covenants – visit the Magnolia Pointe Website and download them; WWW.Mymagnoliapointe.com – at the top of the page is tab for documents, the Master Docs, Sub-Associations, ARB forms, are all available there. By the way…orange is not on the approved list of colors for the community.

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