From the SWR Townhome Association

May 2011 Newsletter

Our Monthly Residents Meeting will be held at 6:30PM on May 17th in the Clubhouse, please try to attend.

The weather has been beautiful but the heat and the lack of rain is severely affecting our landscaping. The Landscaping Committee is working on a plan to rectify the situation. Tru Green has replaced at their expense, much of the turf above the lower pump and the Landscaping Committee has arranged for portions of the remaining poor turf to be sprayed with Round Up and it will be resodded. We have an Irrigation Specialist coming in Tuesday to analyze the zones and we will add and replace sprinklers where he recommends and if necessary investigate the condition of the third well, which was never completed by Lake Equity. If this action does not resolve our problem we will submit a Variance Request to St. John’s Water Management.

At the suggestion of one of our Owners we will approach the Developer to install hedges between our Northern Border and his vacant lots. We have also requested an update to his development plans and expect to report on it at our May Meeting. We have the Bids for installation of the Speed Bumps to deter the Speeding and Skate Boarding but have deferred action on this Item to a future meeting as we are evaluating the need and alternate methods.

Not much else to report upon, please report any problems to Michelle at Sentry Management.

~ Ron Gillis

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