From the MP SWR Townhome Association

The next Sweetwater Ridge Members Meeting will be held at the Clubhouse on 17 April 2012 at 6:30PM, please try to attend.

Our Landscaping Committee, Nick, Bob and Hank is working very hard to improve the appearance of our Neighborhood. The Landscaping Committee has been extremely busy:
1. The Grass has all been fertilized.
2. The Upper Level Pump has been replaced twice. The initial change resulted in a defective new pump, after days of trying to solve the problem, never imagining a new pump could be bad, the second pump was installed and the pressure has been increased substantially.
3. The increased pressure has identified problems in three of our zones; we are working on resolving those problems.
4. Some small corrections have been made to the Lower Well irrigation. That will be worked on in the next two weeks.
5. The Committee is presently developing a plan to replace Turf and Trees that are required.

Sobelco, the owner of the Vacant Lots have requested and received an extension to their Building Permit. We don’t expect they will start Construction in June as promised.

The Revisions to our Covenants, Rules and Regulations, By Laws, etc. have been completed and are now being reviewed. We will need everyone’s effort to obtain a quorum and get these documents approved. These documents eliminate all reference to Lake Equity our Infamous Declarant and contain the improvements our Association needs to function as efficiently and economically as necessary in order to have the Beautiful Neighborhood desired by our Residents.

Nick Pagano reported that the damaged Tiles in the Pool will be replaced shortly; also the irrigation system for the front of the Clubhouse has been repaired.

Hank Garcia is investigating the installation of speed signs within the Community.

BB&T bank the owner of Townhome 27-1 and the five Lots designated as Building No. 16 has taken title to the properties and will start paying Assessments including back payments.

That’s All Folks ~ Ron

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