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MP Newsletter September 2011

First I would like to thank Cary Amcher for his dedication to our Community. Cary has accepted a position that requires significant travel, and needed to step down from the HOA Boards. This does leave a vacancy on both the Custom and the Master HOA Boards. If you are interested in serving, please let Parveen know immediately as we need to fill these posts as quickly as possible.

New sod is in! Yeah! Almost 38,000 square feet of sod was laid in the Custom Section. The irrigation system has been refreshed and new heads were added to make sure we do not go through this again for a lack of water. The new landscape company will contract with a spray company to ensure pests do not take over and the fertilization covered.

During a storm last week we lost a Palm Tree in the center near the waterfall – I am sure everyone has seen it doubled over at the top 1/3. We are getting bids to replace the tree or possibly move one of the others. Which ever is more cost effective, we will go with.

Then there is the waterfall…we were going along great …for a week. All of the smaller leaks have been taken care of, now we are dealing with an issue that has been around since it was developed 12 years ago. Back then the developer did not use a pond company to create the waterfall. There are several issues with water flow that over the next several years may need to be addressed. One issue that we must correct now is the main drain. The developer used a flowerpot with a hole cut in the side to receive the pipe return to the pumps. It is suggested that we replace this with a true piece of plumbing that will fit the pipe and help prevent future leaks. All this will be considered at the next Board Meeting. This is why we reserve for items like this, and this has been the first major renovation done to the waterfall in the past 12 years since it was installed. For questions or updates stop by the meeting.

During the month of September, with the quarterly coupon, Homeowners will receive information regarding steps the Board is taking to step up enforcement of the docs. These are the rules we all agreed to live by when moving into Magnolia Pointe. For most, they are the reasons you made the decision to purchase here. The Board is taking any steps possible to get the neighborhood back to why we made that choice. Some of the issues being raised are long standing infractions that will need to be corrected. Many have already begun receiving letters on some of the issues. When living in a community like this, part of each person’s responsibility is to our neighbors. We have the responsibility to maintain our properties, in accordance to the docs – again why we are here. We also have the responsibility for dues to help maintain the community in which we live. We are all facing difficult times, but together as a community can make it through. We all became willing participants when we moved to Magnolia Pointe, now is the time to step up and participate.
The board is closely inspecting the 2012 budget and trying to cut where possible. It does look as if we will have to increase the dues next year based on the estimates for repairs we are facing soon. The pool surface will need to be replaced, the playground needs replacing, pool equipment is more costly than we have been reserving for and must increase those payments, and contingency reserve was completely depleted by the sod replacement.

Our next Custom Association Board Meeting is set for Tuesday, September 13th, at 7pm in the Clubhouse. If you have an issue you would like the board to consider, please let Parveen know and she will add it to the agenda.

Our Association manager, Parveen, can be reached by

E-mail: or phone: 352-404-4116

You may also send a note to the new e-mail address for the Association –
Wishing all a safe Holiday ~ Joe Ousley

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