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The waterfall and pool have a new company taking care of them – Clermont Pools. We had a situation arise where the county shut down the pool, and the Board took immediate action to ensure this does not happen again. The filters will soon be replaced, which will help get rid of the ‘gritty’ feel on the bottom of the pool. The waterfall is not use to running so efficiently, so we are addressing some issues that were design flaws. Some of them we can correct easily, others will require a long-term plan for the area. The board is addressing the immediate concerns and will have a clear pond soon. In the meantime we can all enjoy the sounds of the falls and the peace it brings to the community.

A new landscape company has been hired. After all the bids for grass came in, it amounted to 35,000 square feet of sod to be replaced. Frank Polly Sod will be doing the work, and have offered specials for any homeowner wishing to replace their lawns as well – contact Parveen for more information. They saved the Association almost 20cents per square foot of sod, a huge savings.

After several conversations, and opportunities to correct the situation, the board was disappointed in the work and lack of response from our previous landscaper. The board awarded Peterson’s Lawn Care, the contract to keep a better eye on our assets. The replacement sod is costing our homeowners a significant amount of money and the board has elected Ralph (he volunteered) to stay on top of the situation for us. If you see something starting to “go south” let Parveen or Ralph know IMMEDIATELY and the situation will be addressed – once the new sod is in place. In conjunction with this, we are having a complete overhaul of the irrigation system. New heads that will go back down, adjustments so we water the grass not the road, etc. are all being made. At the beginning of the year the board adopted rules to help define the parking in the Custom section. This document will be sent to all owners soon, and enforcement will follow shortly thereafter. A last resort remedy may include towing of a vehicle. These rules simply help to define the articles already in place for the Custom section.

I have put this part in the newsletter for the last couple of months, but it is VERY important to us all as owners in the Custom section. We are in the process of completing a reserve study – and this WILL effect our annual dues. It provides us up to date numbers of the cost to replace items that are common amenities, and a more accurate target for funding needs. The Custom section includes the pool, pool equipment, pool deck, restrooms, pool fence, waterfall, waterfall equipment, common area sidewalks, (currently) the playground, and landscaping. This study will have a direct impact on our annual assessments. If you, or know of someone, that can provide us with an estimate of replacement of any of the above items, please contact Parveen and attend our next Board Meeting.

Our next Custom Association Board Meeting is set for Wednesday, September 21st, at 7pm in the Clubhouse. If you have an issue you would like the board to consider, please let Parveen know and she will add it to the agenda.

Our Association manager, Parveen, can be reached by
E-mail: or
Phone: 352-404-4116.

Wishing all a great end to the summer and a safe school year ~ Joe Ousley

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