From the MP Custom Association

Lance Sewell has accepted the position of HOA President, in addition to Treasurer. Please offer him a thank you as you see him around the neighborhood. With Joe’s departure we are in need of one more person on the board, so please consider.

During the last inspection of the pool, it was noted that we need to resurface it – before the next inspection. We decided to use Clermont pools as the price is competitive and they do our maintenance work. This will help us ensure a long life of the investment. The pool will be out of service for a week during this process, and we will wait till Spring Breaks are over to begin the work. We are looking at the area around the pool (outside of the fence) for other uses or surfaces to be used rather than grass. Other upgrades to this area are being considered and will be announced soon. And as a reminder, the pool is only open (due to FL Statute) from Dawn to Dusk.

The board is considering placing cameras at the pool area to help protect this asset. These will focus on the entrance to the restrooms and one will cover the entire area with zoom capability. They would also be monitored at guardhouse for a quick response to vandalism.

With the recent activity of our younger residents, please keep an eye out for your neighbors and for our common property. If you see anything please call the Sheriff at 352-343-2101. You do not need to leave your name or number with the operator. They will ask if you would like to or if you would like contact with the Deputy – it is your choice.

The next meeting will be May, 9 2012 at 6pm in the Clubhouse – we hope to see you there. Our Association manager can be reached by e-mail: or phone: 352-404-4116.

Have a great Easter ~ Lance

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