From the MP Custom Association

Thank you to those neighbors that came out for the Annual Meeting! Though we did not meet the quorum, it was great to see you involved in our community.

The budget has been approved for 2012, and while dues are going up, we will be funding the reserves at a more appropriate level for possible replacements coming soon. The immediate concerns are with the pool coating, and equipment, plus building the contingency reserve that was used for the sod replacement. Funding for property maintenance of vacant properties, and budgeting for money that we may not receive at the close of a sale are two more needs we are planning for.

The board continues to work on ways to trim costs and still supply the highest quality of living for all Custom Residents. In a recent letter the Board informed all owners of the fining process. Before anyone is assessed a fine they will have the opportunity to present a reason to the board why they should not be. This process is in place for the protection of all owners’ property values. To make this process as efficient as possible, in 2012 the Board will meet every other month, starting in January.

Thank you Jim and Robyn Rahman who helped me string up our Holiday Lights for the Custom Section. It adds great Holiday cheer as we enter the area, and hope all residents are able to get into the spirit of the Season. Thank you to all our residents that help keep our community looking great. We appreciate the manicured lawns, Holiday Displays, trash pick up on a walk, and poop retrieval when walking the family pets.

Our Association manager can be reached by e-mail: or phone: 352-404-4116. You may also send a note to the new e-mail address for the Association –

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season! ~ Joe Ousley

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