From The Desk Of The President

I know that some of these topics may have been covered elsewhere in the Newsletter but it can’t hurt to say again.

The new Guards seem to have settled in and most homeowners have found the new visitor entry system to be user friendly and efficient. Using the automated system should virtually eliminate the “ I called the Guard but my guest did not get in” issue and the visitor notification feature is a great way to track when, or if, people that you expected to show up ever showed up. There have been changes to get use to as there is with anything new but over time I think everyone will come to appreciate the added security and professionalism. One change that is worth repeating is that the guards will not be able to accept any deliveries of any kind. With the automated system you can call in a delivery from wherever you may be. The guards cannot accept responsibility for items that may end up damaged or missing. Thanks for understanding.

Our semi-annual garage sale is October 15. We will be advertising as we did last year and have banners at the main entrance. We had over 300 vehicles come through our gates last year and, for those who participated, it was a huge success. This is a big event and the more participants, the better.

The board has approved our first community wide get together on Saturday, October 29th. Joe Ousley, board member, editor, and featured writer of this Newsletter has agreed to chair this event and planning is well underway. I encourage all of our neighbors to come on down to our waterfront area to meet your other neighbors and generally have a good time. Come for as little or as much time as you like but please come. Joe has some great plans and this event should be fun for the entire family. Further details are in this Newsletter.

The Master Board meets the third Monday of every month at 6 PM. Anything that happens in Magnolia Pointe is discussed and dissected at these meetings. Decisions are almost always unanimous and only made after careful consideration. Your input and attendance are welcomed.

See you in the neighborhood ~ Dave Ellis

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