Tired of Waiting for a Green Light…

February 2011 Newsletter printable pdf

The Management Company has fielded many complaints about the timing of the traffic lights at Hwy 50 and Magnolia Pointe Blvd. Wilma and Scott have contacted the county who sent out an inspector. They found a faulty timer switch, and hoped that would correct the situation…it did not. We believe it will make a larger impact if more than one person from Magnolia Pointe calls to share their concern about the problems i.e.: waiting a VERY long time to get a green left turn arrow when departing Magnolia Pointe onto West Bound Hwy. 50, and a very long wait for a left turn arrow onto Magnolia Pointe Blvd. from West Bound Hwy. 50. The last one could be corrected with a left turn on green after yield signal in place. Please share you concerns directly to the Assistant Traffic Operations Supervisor – Ray Murphy.

His contact information is:
352-742-1766 or fax is 352-742-3511 or
rmurph@lakecountyfl.gov or the address is:
28127 C.R. 561
Tavares, FL 32778

We encourage anyone who has experienced a delay at the light to share their experience with the Assistant Traffic Operations Supervisor, so he has a full and complete understanding of the frustrations experienced by the taxpayers.

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