Another Winning Pie!

The last weekend of April is the American Pie Council’s Great American Pie Festival in Celebration. For the last seven years, 14 award winning pies have been created here in Magnolia Pointe. This year was no exception! The winner for the California Raisin Pie Category was my friend from California – Bryan Ehrenholm. With his winning recipe he will be working with the California Raisin Board over the next year teaching others how to make this great pie. A couple of interesting facts on Raisins – 95% of the US Raisin crop is produced in California and that crop is responsible for 55% of the world’s production. That 95% all come from the Thompson Seedless grape – both golden and regular, and are produced within a 60 mile radius of Fresno (the heart of the CA Central Valley). Now if a pie full of raisins does not sound good to you – it did not excite me either – THAT is NOT this pie! This pie was creamy and had a layer of a butterscotch on top of pureed raisins in an oatmeal cookie crust topped with whipped cream. Bryan described it like crack in a crust…and it really did make me want more. Check out for all of the winning pies and recipes.

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