Why Is The Dock & Ramp Closed?

Due to the lack of rain, the boat ramp and dock has been closed. The end is only a few feet from the water line and to avoid any damage to property both personal and Association – the board closed the ramp and dock. Last time the lake level was this low several trailers were damaged from falling off the end of the ramp, plus a boat, and the ramp integrity was undermined from power loading. It was a huge expense to fill in the hole left. The dock is mostly out of water and is a dangerous place for kids to play. Please use the gazebo dock for fishing or wandering out to the lake. The beaches around the dock are not to be used to launch from – there are irrigation pipes and sod that will be broken or damaged. Chain is being put up in those areas to ensure there is no damage done to the area landscape or infrastructure. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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