News from the Magnolia Pointe Lakefront Association

Happy New Year Lakefront Neighbors!

Hopefully you all had a wonderful Holiday Season! Thanks to all of the neighbors that decorated your homes for the Holidays. Your spirit was a welcome sight in the Neighborhood! Our goal as a board in 2011 will be to continue to work on maintaining a neighborhood that is Safe, Well Maintained, and Pleasant to live in and we will achieve this by being good Stewards of the Homeowner Fees that you pay each year. Fortunately, except for a few gate repair issues, and dealing with some foreclosure issues that drove up our costs, I feel that we have accomplished this over that past few years and we will continue to work to preserve the stability in our community.

One area that continues to be a concern in our neighborhood is the safety of our children. Many of them received new toys to drive and ride for Christmas and our streets are becoming filled with kids on toys. Please pay attention when driving and look out for our kids. Parents please know what your kids are doing and supervise them at all times when they are using the streets as a playground. We want to allow the children to enjoy themselves, but at the same time we don’t want an accident to occur that we will all regret.

As you enjoy the neighborhood, if you feel that we should work to address specific areas of improvement, please send me or another Board member an e- mail or come out to one of our meetings and let us know. We would like to see more involvement at our meetings.

Going forward if you have questions or concerns about our neighborhood or if you would be interested in serving on our Board, please feel free to e mail me at and I will do my best to act upon your request along with the help of our great Board.

We wish you all a Safe, Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

~ Bob Simpson Lakefront President

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