I Don’t Think I’m Behind In My Master’s Dues, am I?

February 2011 Newsletter Printable PDF

Beginning in February those that are behind in two or more quarters of Dues to the MP Master Association – a new process for retuning home will occur. As a benefit for the homeowners that are up to date on their dues or behind less than two full quarters, the barcode system will continue to work as normal. However, if you (or knowsomeone who is) delinquent please make sure to bring that account current before mid February. There is a risk that your barcode will stop working until you bring the outstanding balance current. The barcode entry system is a benefit for Residents that are current with, and maintain respect for the benefits of living in a Wonderful and Gated Community. If you have questions, or need to arrange a repayment structure contact Wilma@camlakecounty.com

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