How Do I Take My Ex-Landscaper Off My Gate Access List?

Update your vendor list. Below are the steps for updating access to your property through the gate access system:
1. First Time Users – Contact Parveen who will verify your information and provide you with login information.
2. Go to this link ——————-
3. Enter Community Code ——- MAG (listed in the drop down box)
4. Enter your user name ———-Your Home Phone # No Dashes or spaces
5. Enter your password ———- Get this from the Guard
6. Once you are logged in ——- You can change password, change your access list, and manage your account
7. Click on the tab “GUEST LIST”
8. Click on button “ADD A NEW GUEST”
9. Enter the information requested.
10. Finish by clicking on “UPDATE”
To delete someone from your list simply click the button next to their name in the list. To add the pizza guy add a new guest and add the date with an end date of the same day. When the delivery person arrives, the system will locate the pizza company in the system and they will be able to come on in to your place….and still get it there while it is still hot and fresh.

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