How Do I Adjust My Guest List?

Many people have been calling the Guards to add a Guest to their account. So below is a review of the process to add a Guest, or Vendor, to your address.

The set-up is very easy:
1. FIRST — Stop at the Guard House and ask for your password. They will verify your residence and ask your phone number then give you a code
2. Go to this link ——————-
3. Enter Community Code ——–MAG (listed in the drop down box)
4. Enter your user name ——–Your Home Phone # No Dashes or spaces
5. Enter your password ———– Get this from the Guard
6. Once you are logged in ——–You can change password, change your access list, and manage your account
7. Click on the tab “GUEST LIST”
8. Click on button “ADD A NEW GUEST”
9. Enter the information requested.
10. Finish by clicking on “UPDATE”

This system was put in place to help the residents of Magnolia Pointe be informed as to who and when someone is accessing the neighborhood by using their name. You control your account, only you (or those authorized by you) access it to add visitors or vendors. Remember a valid ID is required to gain access to Magnolia Pointe.

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