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February 2011 Newsletter printable pdf

Our next scheduled Association Meeting will be held in the Clubhouse on 15 February 2011 at 6:30 PM. Please try to attend.

The Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday, 25 January 2011; unfortunately we did not meet our quorum numbers so we proceeded with the Regular Meeting.

Inasmuch as the Election Schedule has not been finalized in the past meetings, we decided to maintain the present Board of Director’s and specified that future elections will be held at the Annual Meeting with two Members being elected in 2012, two more in 2013 and the fifth member in 2014.

The Insurance requirements and the yearly assessments were briefly reviewed. In the past meetings, the Board discussed reversing the Insurance decision made by the developer in 2006. At that time he decided, and the residents voted, for the motion to have the individual homeowners purchase insurance for the exterior and interior of their unit. This system would work if we could be assured that every unit has the required Insurance and coverage. The Board believes the risk is too great and has solicited bids for the exterior insurance of the buildings. This will save our residents approximately 30% in insurance cost. The Association finished 2010 under budget and the monthly assessment were not increased. The 2010 budget results together with the insurance have resulted in an overall savings to our residents.

We are having a serious vandalism problem in our Community. It has been determined that all of the Vandals are not coming from the Townhomes or Condominiums. We respectfully request that all Residents of Magnolia Pointe talk to their children and impress on them that the damage is costly to our residents and is entirely unnecessary. Specifically, if they intentionally ignore the “No Skateboarding Signs” there is absolutely no reason to destroy the signs or uproot the foundation. Also the recent break in at the Clubhouse resulted in considerable damage including, the rebuilding of the backdoor, replacing parts of the locking system, destroying the two thermostats in the meeting room, kicking out the wall board under the kitchen Bar, and punching holes in the kitchen cabinet. The RAC Committee cannot continue to pay for this type of unnecessary damage.

It should be noted, that the Sheriff was called and he took fingerprints and prepared the report. He furthered informed us that because of the amount of the damage, this is considered a felony. We certainly do not want anyone from Magnolia Pointe to be charged, but cannot tolerate this type of expensive and time-consuming vandalism. We will request the guilty parties to pay for the damage. We answered the Letter from Sobelco’s Attorney claiming Sobelco’s Declarant Status. Our reply was a well-written letter by our Attorney denying their Declarant Status. We haven’t received a response in the past two months, so expect this matter has been settled. The RAC meeting will be held in the Clubhouse on 1 February 2011 at 7:00PM. Sweetwater and Chateau residents should try to attend. ~ Ron Gillis SWR President

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