From the SWR Townhome Association

Our Monthly Residents Meeting will be held at 6:30PM on April 19th in the Clubhouse, please try to attend.

Daylight Savings Time and Twice a Week Watering is with us again. Our Landscaping Committee is working very hard to bring our area up to par. We are blessed with plenty of rain now to supplement our Irrigation System, but it is delaying our effort to replace some of the dead grass.

Many thanks to Nick and Jan Pagano and Bob Stout for all their work putting our Pool Area and all the furniture back in shape. We have re-strapped the Chaise Lounges and request you use towels on the lounges as the Sun Tan Lotion discolors the strapping.

The Association is in pretty good shape as of this writing. We still have a problem with the dormer leakage and are working very hard to resolve it. Our billing issues with Shutts Bowen have been settled, we have billed BB&T for outstanding Assessments and the Lake Equity Bankruptcy is finally settled.

We hope everyone enjoys the additional daylight and if the rain stops some of us can start golfing again.

~ Ron Gillis

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