From the MP SWR Townhome Association

Our next scheduled Association Meeting will be held in the Clubhouse on February 21, 2012 at 6:30 PM. Please try to attend.

Last Month we held our Annual Meeting as required in our documents. We had a good turnout but were short of a quorum. Regrettably, our Treasurer, Linda Demers tendered her resignation following 3 years if dedicated service,  as you will recall Linda carried our Association’s Financial load  for the entire initial year following turnover as we felt we could not afford a Professional Management Company. Several evenings Mel and I enjoyed Happy Hour as Linda slaved away in the next room preparing ledger entries and member’s account. Linda works full time and spent many nights on our Association books. Linda has been instrumental in keeping our Assessments from rising much in the past years. We will miss her Objective Input but Thank Her wholeheartedly for her dedicated service on our Board of Directors. When you see Linda in the Community please do not hesitate to thank her for her unselfish dedication to our Association. The Board will miss her.

Fortunately, Justin Brooks one of our newer Residents agreed to serve on our Board. Justin is the Director of Business Services for Orlando Orthopaedic Services as has agreed to assume the Treasurers duties and oversee all our Financial Activities. Orlando Ortho has five offices in the area and employs over 20 Medical Professionals. We welcome Justin to our Board and are extremely fortunate to get a volunteer with his background.

The entire Association wishes to thank Eleanor Kugler and Jan & Nick Pagano for painting all the Mail Box Flags in the Community, that’s 116 flags. Thank You Very Much. Speaking of Mail Boxes, Thanks also to Bob Stout for replacing hinges on the needy Mailboxes.

We do have one serious problem with our Irrigation System. Our North Well is Drawing Air and it is seriously affecting the sprinkler system. We have spent the last several weeks trying unsuccessfully to find a leak in the system that was causing our loss of pressure. The Custom/Master Well was experiencing a pump cycling problem so we had to call Hull Well Service to diagnose the problem. Fortunately their pump and well were in great shape, it is only necessary to clean and/or replace some sprinkler heads. Mr. Hull looked at our North Well and informed us the water level is too low in the well. If we don’t get some good rains in the near future we will have to pull the well stem and at a minimum install an additional section of pipe. If the well is not of sufficient depth and diameter we may have to pull it all and drill deeper.

Pray for Rain, That’s All Folks ~ SWR Board of Directors

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