From the MP SWR Townhome Association

MP Newsletter September 2011

Our Monthly Residents Meeting will be held at 6:30PM on September 20th in the Clubhouse, please try to attend.

Our New Reserve Committee has submitted their initial report with recommendations to begin repairs, touch up, etc. to the exterior of out Townhomes. It is expected we will approve their recommendations at the September meeting. We have been experiencing problems in the Women’s Room of the Clubhouse. Someone is purposely stopping the toilets by using the paper and in some cases using the entire roll. This Vandalism only costs our Residents inconvenience and monetary expenditures.

We contracted to remove the diseased Washingtonian Palm on Chateau Pine Way but unfortunately the Contractor decided not to renew his Workmen’s Compensation Insurance and has forced us to rebid.

The Finance Committee will start preparing our Budget for the coming year this month. Not much else to report upon, please report any problems to Michelle at Sentry Management. ~ Ron

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