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Lakefront Covenants Create Value

Many of us chose to move into Magnolia Pointe Lakefront because it was the kind of neighborhood that felt safe, was esthetically pleasing, and would hold home value over the long haul.  Much of the reason our Neighborhood is attractive to residents and buyers is because the majority of our homeowners take pride in their properties and follow the covenants set forth.  We all pay dues to live here and it is only fair that all residents understand and adhere to our covenants in order to continue to maintain a quality neighborhood for current and future owners.

As a Board we will do our best to uphold the integrity of the covenants and hold owners accountable to consistently meet the requirements.  This will maintain or improve the quality of our neighborhood.

Please review your covenants and ensure that your property and behaviors are in line with the neighborhood requirements.   If you would like a copy of the covenants – visit the Magnolia Pointe Website and download them.

First Quarter Board Meeting

We will conduct our First Quarter 2012 Board meeting on Wednesday February 15th 2012.  It will be held in the Sweetwater Ridge Clubhouse and begin at 6:00pm.  All residents are invited to attend.

Lake County Sheriff Alert

If you haven’t already seen their presence, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office has increased its presence in all Magnolia Pointe neighborhoods.  They have increased patrols at night and are enforcing traffic violations as well.  Please be aware that our speed limit is 25mph in Lakefront and 30mph on Magnolia Pointe Blvd.  Careful at the stop signs as well because there could be an officer nearby.

Kids on Wheels

One area that continues to be a concern in our neighborhood is the safety of our children.  Many of them received new toys to drive and ride for Christmas and our streets are becoming filled with kids on toys.  Please pay attention when driving and look out for our kids.  Parents please know what your kids are doing and supervise them at all times when they are using the streets as a playground.  We want to allow the children to enjoy themselves, but at the same time we don’t want an accident to occur that we will all regret.

Thanks for the Memories

Thanks to those of you who “Decked the House” with Holiday Decorations it was spectacular!!

Going forward if you have questions or concerns about our neighborhood or if you would be interested in serving on our Board, please feel free to e mail me at and I will do my best to act upon your request along with the help of our great Board.

Happy Valentine’s Day ~ Bob Simpson

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