From the MP Custom Association

Our waterfall is up and running again! A HUGE thank you to Ralph Volk, and PuroClean, for the prep work. Chuck Truscott, a friend of mine who is an instructor at the Painter’s Union and helps create the Disney Magic, completed the painting. After a complete rehab, the waterfall is back in operational shape. Norm from Florida Bearings has put in extra hours to get the pumps and lights working again.

New sod is coming soon; we have a lot of area to replace and are trying to get a more accurate handle on the size.

We may replace a section at a time to spread out the cost. Many quotes are being sought, but will include killing what is there, removal, leveling the area, laying down of new sod, and rolling it. Our irrigation system is also undergoing an inspection to make sure all areas are covered completely and functioning properly.

Once the sod is on place the sidewalks will be pressured cleaned. A few more plants will be transplanted from near the waterfall area, and finally new mulch will freshen up the look.

Sidewalks will be replaced soon. We are currently getting bids on replacing the sidewalks that have been uprooted throughout the community. The trees the developer planted have far too large of a root system to expect them not to encroach on the sidewalks. Because there are so many to be done, we want to preserve the consistency in which they are completed. Any driveways affected may be completed at the same time but that will be the responsibility of the homeowner. If you are interested in having that portion completed, please contact Parveen so she can send you the cost.

At Wednesday’s Board meeting, we will discuss the replacement of our pool service contract, landscape maintenance contract, grass replacement, irrigation repairs, sidewalk repairs, and vacant home maintenance.
The board is in the process of completing a reserve study. This will give us up to date numbers of the cost to replace items that are common amenities. It will give us a more accurate target for funding needs. The Custom section includes the pool, pool equipment, pool deck, restrooms, pool fence, waterfall, waterfall equipment, common area sidewalks, (currently) the playground, and landscaping. This study will have a direct impact on our annual assessments. If you, or know of someone, that can provide us with an estimate of replacement of any of the above items, please contact Parveen. Then plan on attending our next Board Meeting for more information.

Our next Custom Association Board Meeting is set for Monday, July 11th, 7pm in the Clubhouse. If you have an issue you would like the board to consider, please let Parveen know and she will add it to the agenda.
Our Association manager, Parveen, can be reached by e-mail: or phone: 352-404-4116.

Happy Independence Day! ~ Joe Ousley

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