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May 2011 Newsletter

First let me say if you missed the Great American Pie Festival in Celebration this year…you missed a fun couple of days. PLUS the Best In Show pie was baked right here in Magnolia Pointe – my house actually – by a friend from California. The Engagement Ring pie was a HUGE success and I am proud to have it made here in MP!

The Egg Hunt was a fun event, next year we hope to have more kids out for the festivities. We hide 120 eggs, and hope they were all found…guess we will find out next year.

Golden Egg Hunt

At our last Board meeting, grass was a major topic. We are working toward a solution for the common area. It is a capitol expense to replace all of the sod with Zoysia, and we are not prepared to complete it right now. The budget is not that flexible for an item this large. We are getting more quotes to replace the St. Augustine this year, and this will be discussed at the next meeting – moved up to May 25th from July due to the urgent nature of the business. The waterfall is getting fixed! By next week work will begin on the pumps, timers, and lights. Thanks to Ralph for coordinating this effort.

A letter will be coming soon with some of the boards top concerns, how they relate to our documents, and procedures for moving forward. When it arrives, please take the time to read it over and if there are questions, please let our Manager know so we can address them as quickly as possible. Our documents are available on the website at under the Documents link at the top of the page, then click on Magnolia Pointe Custom Documents. We are also governed by the Master Association documents, which are also available at the same website address.

A concern about the respect of property has been brought to the Board’s attention. Adults, teens, and children have been using neighbor’s yards to cut through to other sections of Magnolia Pointe. This has led to some uncomfortable situations and confrontations. Please help your children understand that cutting through a yard is not acceptable behavior. It is trespassing, and the Sheriff may become involved if the situation continues.

Our next Custom Association Board Meeting is set for May 25th at 7pm in the Clubhouse. We look forward to meeting you there. If you have an issue you would like the board to consider, please let Wilma know and she will add it to the agenda.

Our Association manager, Wilma, can be reached by email: or by phone: 352-504-5885.

Happy Mother’s Day! To our Veterans, and their families, for the many sacrifices, especially those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom – you are remembered,

Thank You. ~ Joe Ousley

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