From the MP Custom Association

This is the month I always look forward to. Incredible weather, lots of activities, and our world begins to green up again! So many things in the area to take advantage of – please get out and enjoy a few of the wonders we get to call home!

As of this writing, I have come to the decision that I need to devote more time to family. Many trips between here and California have made it difficult to fully focus on the needs of the Association. So it is with pride of what we have accomplished, but with the realization that there is much more to be done, that I have tendered my resignation as President to the Board. I thank each of them for the support they have provided me, and want to thank Parveen for her willingness to work through so many challenges with me. She is a dedicated steward to our Community and a great asset. During this transition period I will be readily available to assist with any projects that I had started, and will continue to represent the Custom Section to the Master Association along with Jim Rahman – until such time that the board wishes to replace me. Again I thank all for their support and hope that all will provide the new President with the same. I will continue until our next meeting, March 21.

A few items we need to make sure all residents are aware of…
The Sheriff will be randomly patrolling and setting up radar stations, so be sure to follow the rules of the road, obey the traffic signs, and most importantly – stay within the speed limit!
Kids are outside being more active and may not pay as close attention as they should, so please use extra caution when driving through the neighborhood.

Someone has been getting a little rowdy at the pool – in the bathrooms in particular. The men’s sink has been broken and it sprung a leak. This will cost significant money to fix and is simply from vandalism that does not need to occur. Destruction of property can mean a journey to downtown Tavares. Other than a nice big lake, and being the county seat – there is not much reason to visit there, so talk with your teenage kids and make sure they understand you would prefer to not make that trip. Remember we all pay for the common property – so if you see suspicious activity please call the Sheriff immediately at 352-343-2101 (non-emergency) or 911 (emergency only)

Our Extended Family – pets…this has been a difficult subject for me – I grew up on a farm and have a deep appreciation for just how much a pet becomes part of the family unit. Unfortunately in Magnolia Pointe and the Custom Section Docs – it states that we are to have no more than two dogs. If a dog walker were to come in and take 7 dogs at a time it would be questionable, but not a violation since all of those dogs are not residing at the same address. If more than two dogs, or more than four pets total, live at the same address, then it does become an issue ~ and unfortunately one the Board may be forced to take up soon. Two years ago we attempted to change the rules, and only had 30% of homeowners in good standing willing to vote in favor of making it 4 pets – not changing the overall quantity, just alter the type. While this is one subject that I wish I could have affected more change on, these are the rules we agreed to when purchasing a home in a deed-restricted community. One thing that would help is for all owners to – CURB YOUR DOG! It is against our Master and Custom Docs, along with County Law to let them relieve themselves on property not belonging to you without cleaning it up, so help the Board help you and clean up the doody. One owner of one dog, not doing their job, does make a difference.

Many wish list items have been tabled, like lighting around the pond, due to funding concerns. When the Community is in better shape financially, I hope the Board goes back to some of the ideas that have come forth over the years.

Anyway, for now Carolina and I are staying put, but who knows what an interview may bring. I have truly enjoyed my years on the Board and hope that I did not screw things up too much. Please say hello in the neighborhood and at Publix. It has been an honor serving over the past years; I will miss many parts of the adventure. I highly recommend to everyone – get on the Board for one year – you will see the whole process in a very different light.

One more shameless plug for Blithe Spirit at Moonlight Players in Downtown Clermont ~ I am co-directing the show, and Simeon Neto (also from the Custom section) is one of the major characters! Come down and support live local theatre in Lake County. It will be a fun night out and who can’t use a laugh right now!

Our next meeting of the Board will be March 21st, 2012 at 6pm in the Clubhouse – we hope to see you there. Clearly we are in need of at least one more Board Member. Our Association manager can be reached by e-mail: or phone: 352-404-4116. See you around the neighborhood! And hopefully at the show… ~ Joe Ousley

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