Did you know…

While on March 17th everyone is Irish, did you know that it is also National Green Beer Day? Other ‘Holiday’s’ include International Hamburger & Pickle MONTH, then National days include Mulled Wine on the 3rd, Potato Chip Day on the 14th, and Chocolate Covered Raisins have the 24th. March 26th brings us National Nougat Day, then my personal favorite happens on the 28th – Sharing the spotlight with Black Forest Cake Day is…wait for it…National Something on a Stick Day! Literally everyday of March has a National (Whatever) Day attached to it. Not sure who comes up with this stuff but really hope it is not Congress! By the way the busiest day of the Month is the 31st – with Clams on the Half Shell, Oranges and Lemons, and Tater Day, not an appetizing meal combo. Check out your favorite day at: http://www.gone-ta-pott.com/march_food_calendar.html

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