Child Arrested in Magnolia Pointe

February 2011 Newsletter Printable PDF

This is a headline none of us wish to see in the paper. Recently a few younger residents have gone on a destruction spree. Signs have been broken or removed, including a no skateboarding sign. The clubhouse sustained damages such as knocking the thermostats off the wall, holes in the drywall, and doors broken. Now is the time to discuss with your children the serious nature of this destruction. Anyone caught destroying property will be immediately turned over to the Sheriff for prosecution and parents will be responsible for the cost of the damage. While we would all like to think that it had to be somebody else…someone did. This behavior is not just destructive, it creates an atmosphere of fear – and this will not be tolerated in our community. So even if it was “not my kid” have the conversation so it will not be a knock on the door from law enforcement letting you know different. Help keep Magnolia Pointe a safe, comfortable, and inviting community to live and play in.

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