Changing Of The Guards

MP August 2011 Newsletter PDF

At the last Board Meeting the decision was made to switch our security company account. We thank Chris Lackey and his crew with ICU, Inc. for the many years of service to our community. The new company Ramco will begin service in two weeks.

With this change our guardhouse will be enhanced with many of the new technologies now available to us. A resident will be able to call or use the Internet to inform the guards of a visitor. A pin code will be assigned to each resident location for access to the system, which will allow for maximum flexibility. If a resident is on vacation, you may have the new system notify you when someone has gained access to the community using your name. Example: Mom and Dad are on the beach in Hawaii and informed the kids that there are to be no parties while they are gone…Dad sets the system to notify him for each entry for the address…while on the beach Dad’s cell phone goes crazy with entries to his house…Mom calls home and hears an event taking place…imagination can take it from here. This is an extreme example, a more realistic one is for a pool service person that is suppose to monitor your pool once a week…a few weeks go by and you doubt they have been by to see you…set your notifications and you will know by text message, or call, or e-mail that the pool company came by on X date at Y time.

Information will be mailed to all resident’s soon. Follow the instructions on the notice to set up your account and make this transition as smooth as possible.

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