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How Do I Add A Guest?

Many people have been calling the Guards to add a Guest to their account.  So below is a review of the process to add a Guest, or Vendor, to your address. The set-up is very easy: FIRST — Stop at the Guard House and ask for your password.  They will verify your residence and ask […]

There’s A New Sheriff In Town

As Mentioned in the Lakefront News, the Lake County Sheriff has been patrolling the neighborhood.  This is in direct response to the concerns voiced from many neighbors to the Board.  When the Sheriff’s office was contacted, he took immediate action.  Several neighbors and visitors have had experienced this action up close and in person.  Remember […]

Tow Sign Is In Place

As a safety measure for all residents, the Board of Directors adopted a towing policy. This opens the possibility for vehicles to be towed from Magnolia Pointe. Our hope is to never have to use this tool available to us, and it will be used when public safety issues are a concern, or repeat offenses. […]

From the Association President

Summer has arrived – probably a major understatement. I thought that this would be a good time to update you on some of the things that your Master board has been working on. Cary Amcher will fill the vacancy and is the new Custom representative to the Master. Cary is a long time resident and […]

Security For All

MP Newsletter 0611 A scanner has been purchased for the Guard Entrance, and starting soon anyone entering Magnolia Pointe will need to present a photo ID. As the barcodes gather information upon entering, this system will help capture the information for anyone entering by the Guard. The system will be used to assist in Law […]