A Rare Occasion In 2011…

May 2011 Newsletter

Memorial DayThis year we have the opportunity to observe Memorial Day on the actual Day of Memorial. In recent years it has been moved to the nearest Monday in order to create a three-day weekend, but the actual date is May 30 (this year it is a Monday). The day was originally created as a way to remember those that fought in the Civil War. It was also used as a tool to help bring our Country together in the years following. Many feel it has lost its’ meaning and are doing what they can to educate the younger generation of the history and need to remember those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we all enjoy.

“Memorial Day is not a day for celebration. We are supposed to show respect and gratitude for our heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom,” states Mike Esmond, a VFW member and Vietnam War veteran.

So while eating that hamburger or hot dog on May 30, take a moment to remember the soldiers that never came home. Thank you to all our Veterans, but especially those that paid with their life, may they rest in peace.

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