“STARS OF HOPE” Backpack Exchange program

Attention Magnolia Pointe Residents, We are looking for your help!

As you know the economy has hit our country very hard and has not excluded our city and community. One of your Magnolia Pointe residents, a 4th grader, has help organize a program called “STARS OF HOPE” at Grassy Lake Elementary.

“STARS OF HOPE” is an anonymous Backpack Exchange program for our fellow students that have come on hard times and try to survive day by day. Lets explain what a Backpack Exchange really is:
Students that are registered, and only known by the schools faculty to have fallen on hard times, will enter a specific room in the school to receive a backpack provided by the program. It will be filled with food and supplies to get through a week. Products include perishable food, can goods, hygiene products, blankets, etc. Some of these items will be placed in these backpacks that look just like every other students backpack for the student to take home. The student will return the backpack and receive another one for his or hers next week. Fellow students should have no idea that their friend is in this program. This will help the student avoid any embarrassment with his peers.

Here is how we need our help! We are looking for businesses that may be interested in sponsoring this program. Individuals can help by donating items like, canned goods, perishable foods, hygiene products, blankets, etc.

Saturday, January 7th we are scheduling a drive to get this program moving forward, and anything you can provide will be a huge help to our community. Please leave any items in a plastic grocery bag near your mailbox and we will pick them between 12 noon and 4pm. If you cannot donate on Saturday you can have your child bring them to a drop box outside Ms. Ockerman’s 4th grade classroom or to the School’s office. Ms. Ockerman’s students will help stuff the backpacks for the program each week.

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